Networking Breakfasts to Online Networking

Women’s Networking (Jeni Pike and Michelle Longman) started their networking breakfasts in 2005 as they saw the space for a social gathering where like-minded-women could get together to support one another. An support each other they did!!

After a successful run of three years, the team decided to take a break. In 2013, they started up again but due to personal challenges, the breakfasts were once again put on hold.

During the quiet times, their facebook page collected new visitors and so they have opened up this page for all their networkers to promote their businesses, services and products.

Guidelines will be put in place soon and this is currently a free service.

Happy Networking!!!!


Interesting Things Happen Over a Cup of Coffee

Jeni Pike and Michelle Longman started the Women’s Networking Breakfasts in October 2005 as they felt that “interesting things happen over a cup of coffeeand wanted to create that environment for these interesting discussions to happen.  In November 2008, they held their  last breakfast as they both found themselves without the capacity to carry on into 2009.

Jeni & Michelle Nov06

And now … they back!  Their first breakfast was held on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 and future events are listed here.


Who Should Attend:
The Women’s Networking Breakfasts are intended for all women regardless of their work situation i.e. whether you are a woman-with-your-own-business or work-for-a-boss; whether you have an income-bringing-hobby or are a stay-at-home-mom – all women are welcome!


Besides the obvious benefits of meeting like-minded-women and having a scrumptious breakfast, all guests are  spoilt with a fantastic goody bag [we’ve been told they’re the best in Cape Town] and stand the chance of winning one of at least five lucky draw prizes.

blue gift bag